About Margaux Nieto 

 Attracted by the vibrant energy of Brussels’ young artistic scene, French-born Margaux arrived in Belgium’s capital in 2014.
She studied photography in Paris and now works as a freelance photographer.

Although fashion and portrait photography are her main interests, Margaux has a real penchant for capturing Belgium’s strangeness on film in a unique and refreshing way.


Finalist of the Prix Picto for fashion photography
Paris, April 2022

«Abyss», Collective exhibition
Le Lac, Bruxelles, November 2021

«Living things», Collective exhibition
Melissa Ansel gallery, Bruxelles,  April 2021

«Nature morte», Collective exhibition
Melissa Ansel gallery, Bruxelles, November 2019

«Terrarium photographique» 
XL51, Bruxelles, 2016

«Diet Cola Zine», Collective exhibition
Doomed Gallery, Londres, 2016

«No place like home», Collective exhibition curated by  See you there magazine
Brussels Art Department, 2015